Monday, June 11, 2018


As many of you will have noticed, there was a change of refuse collectors with effect from 1 June.  Groups of communities were banded together around 5 years ago and Tala was joined with , Kissonerga,  Chlorakas and Emba.    This means that where possible, this group works together to buy services and these services must go out to tender every 4 years.  The tender process and applications are then overseen by the District Office in Paphos who carry out due diligence and the opportunity for local influence is removed from the process. 

With the aid of maps and GPS, the new collectors are trying to acquaint themselves with the extensive road network in Tala.   As a result, collections have been a little erratic.

Normal collections remain as Wednesday and Saturday mornings [or during Tuesday and Friday nights].   However, the boss of the new company has divided Tala into a number of different areas and he is coming round personally with the refuse vehicle [in daylight where feasible] to ensure the driver[s] understand the route[s].   For the time being, until the collectors are up to speed with the area, there may be some disruption for which we apologise. 

In the event that you do not have a collection on the due date, please either email myself or the council office [] with your address and date of non-collection.   Please contact us as soon as you can so we are aware of problems sooner rather than later.  Arrangements will be made to collect missed pickups as quickly as possible but if these are isolated random addresses rather than several streets, it is possible that the collection will not be picked up until the next due date as the collectors are also trying to familiarise themselves with the road networks in Kissonerga, Chlorakas and Embas at the same time.   

Collection of recycling materials remains unchanged on a Monday by Green Dot.