Monday, June 11, 2018


From Cyprus Mail - article by Bejay Browne 10 June 2018

A NUMBER of artisans and craftspeople are in the process of moving into the historic building of Ibrahim’s Khan in Paphos old town, determined to breathe new life into the recently renovated area and encouraging tourists and locals to visit the site.

Municipal officer Doxa Economidou-Barda, told the Sunday Mail: “the municipality is very optimistic about reviving Paphos old town, and the Khan will become a landmark for this effort.”
The group have been allocated available units at the stunning building after a drawn out tender process by Paphos municipality and all of the relevant evaluations recently concluded.
The Khan is in the heart of the old town and is newly renovated. Historically, the ancient building was used as an inn and an area where merchants and craftsmen would come together.
There are sixteen units in all, including a restaurant according to Economidou-Barda,
One of the units, ‘The House of Olives’ is being run by Marios Athanasiou,39,who has been involved in making olive oil and relevant products for more than ten years professionally.
“I have around 10,000 organic olive trees and I was looking for the right place to show what I do, and the Khan was the perfect fit,” he said.
As well as selling goods such as organic olive oil, infused oils, olive paste and other items, the artisan will also be holding demonstrations on the usefulness of olive oil, such as how to preserve cheese using olive oil, and making soap on site.
“I will be showing and telling. We have had olive trees in our family for many years and I am very interested in olives and all of their uses,” he said.
Athanasiou said that all of the units will be showcasing traditional or handcrafted products and offer an interactive experience to visitors to the Khan. The artisans also want to offer something different, he said, and will aim to open from 9am to 9pm to encourage people to the area during the evening as well.
The various units include ceramics and pottery, traditional products using carobs, an icon painter, wood carving, traditional Cyprus nuts and fruits, two different jewellery makers, a carpet weaver and a puppet theatre.
“As well as putting on shows, people will also see how to make puppet and be able to buy them,” he said.
Included in the sixteen or so units at the Khan, is a restaurant, coffee shop and traditional bakery.
“The bakery has already been allocated and will be a traditional one,” said the municipal officer.
The council of Paphos decided that it was important to create an interesting and unique space with a traditional feel and exclude uses such as souvenir shops, ready-made clothes, and other items or shops that could cause inconvenience by being loud and obtrusive.
There is also a theatre space with a stage that will be available to hire, she said.

“Some of us are already at the Khan and we should all be moved in over the next ten days. The cultural and interactive activities will also start soon as there are already requests coming in,” said Athanasiou.