Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Working together for a safer Cyprus

Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention scheme that is implemented through a partnership between the Police, local authorities and citizens.

The aim of the scheme is to raise public awareness about personal and home security and to encourage citizens to actively participate in crime prevention, with the ultimate goals of reducing criminality, increasing the level of safety in neighbourhoods, municipalities and communities and generally improving the quality of life.

Within the framework of the implementation of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, the Police:
- Informs about the offences committed in your area or about offences which may affect you in some way.
- Advises regarding crime prevention measures, such as:
      -  How to make your home and property less attractive to criminals
      -  How to watch out for suspicious or criminal activity
- Advises not to put your life in danger and let the Police chase and arrest criminals as it is their responsibility.
- Encourages reporting to the Police any unusual, suspicious or criminal behaviour that you may notice.


If you notice that any life or property is in any dangaer of under any form of threat, eg fire, or if you suspect that an offence has been or may be committed, or if you have heard/seen anything suspicious, call:


For non-urgent incidents call your local Police Station, or the Citizens Hotline:


Information required by the Police

Description of suspicious motor vehicle:
Car / Truck / Bus / Other

Make and Model


Licence Plate Number

Other details - possible damage, passengers, etc

Direction, etc

Description of suspicious person:
Male / Female

Shape of face and facial characteristics


Distinguishing marks - scars / tattoos/ other

Height and build

Shape and colour of eyes


Colour, length and type of hair

Dress - type of clothes, colour, etc

Language, nationality, etc