Saturday, May 19, 2018


Dear Kamares Neighbours,

In the light of the recent burglaries in Kamares, it is felt that nowadays a variety of security measures are required to protect your property.

With this in mind, a group of Kamares residents have decided to hire a COLLECTIVE PRIVATE PATROL SERVICE from a licensed security company.  During the hours of darkness, they will provide a marked patrol car with a uniformed security guard, check the properties and plots of the participating houseowners, using a random route.  The participating owners would be provided with a report on the visits made and will be able to trace the route.  Each participating owner will have a direct mobile no of the patrolling security guard who can be called urgently in the event of danger.  Providing that the security guard will be patrolling the entire night within Kamares for the benefit of participating villas the guard should be able to reach each property within a very short period of time.

After preliminary discussions with various security companies, the service is available for approximately €80 per month for each property in a group of 30 villas.  Please note that this fee is obviously lower than the fee charged in the case of an individual service where the patrol car does not have a large group of clients living nearby.

Based on a group of 30 villas, it is presumed that the patrol would be able to visit each property approximately 4 times per night [depending on the actual distance estimated which will be known when interest in the scheme can be assessed].  It is felt that the recommended maximum number of villas in a group would be 30, so if interest exceeds this number, it is recommended that a second/third/etc group be formed to maintain the number of 4 visits to each property per night rather than reduce the number of visits for a much larger group of villas.

Unless the patrol provider is the same as your alarm provider, please note that the patrol company will not be able to respond to burglar alarm calls – these will remain under the control of your existing alarm provider [unless special arrangements are made, eg adding the guard’s tel number to the list of those receiving notifications on break-in]. 

The first group of villas is close to being finalised so that together this group can select the provider and start the patrol.  If you are interested in joining such a scheme, or have any questions, please email me at – we will exchange contact details and discuss everything in person or at the meeting.

We have also created a WhatsApp group for residents of Kamares where we can discuss the issues of security in our village (implementation and operation of a private patrol in Kamares; any suspicious activities/persons/vehicles; burglaries happened; collective and individual measures of crime prevention in Kamares). If you wish to join our WhatsApp chat, please let me know by email at

Sincerely yours,

on behalf of Initiative Group of Residents “Security in Kamares”