Wednesday, May 30, 2018


From Cyprus Mail - article by George Psyllides 30 May 2018

No water cuts to domestic users are likely this year or next but water for irrigation purposes will be reduced by around 30 per cent during the summer months as Cyprus faces a protracted drought, Agriculture Minister Costas Kades said on Wednesday.
With water supply in the reservoirs dwindling and no sight of an end to the drought, the cabinet on Wednesday decided to draft a strategic framework on water policy expected to be ready in about three months.

Speaking after the meeting, Kades said there were no immediate plans to cut water to households but farmers will see a 30 per cent reduction in water for irrigation purposes.
“There is no such question,” the minister said of household cuts. “The scenarios we took into account concern uninterrupted supply for this year and the next.”
After processing all the available data from the water development department in relation to the water supply in the reservoirs, and after considering the scenario of the drought continuing through the next year, and consultations with farming unions, the ministry tabled a proposal on Wednesday to reduce supply to all districts by 30 per cent. Kades said.
The cuts will kick in on July 1.
Kades said the authorities were also cutting supply to seasonal cultivations and greenhouses.
The cabinet also approved a proposal to draft a comprehensive water management strategy to ensure adequacy.
Cyprus’ water problem will also be discussed at EU level in mid-June.

The ministry was also looking to increase the capacity of existing desalination units.