Friday, May 11, 2018


As the tourist season gathers pace, the Police wish to remind residents to be alert for any strange people or vehicles in the area.   Whilst there are many red-plated tourist vehicles about, these vehicles are also used by people to recce the area as they are able to explain their presence by claiming they are 'lost' if challenged, or if someone notices erratic driving or parking in strange places.

If in doubt, take a note of the registration plate, the description of the vehicle [colour, make and model], location and time and ring the Police.

Please also ensure that as the weather warms up you exercise care regarding locking of all doors and windows whenever you leave the property.  Also if you are going to be sitting outside at the back of the building in an evening, ensure that the front door is securely locked to avoid anyone gaining entry.

The main target time for burglaries is whilst you are out for dinner, but there are opportunist thieves around who will try a door or window at any time of the day or night and grab whatever they can, be it keys, handbag, purse, wallet, laptop, etc.   It is still unusual for burglars to enter an occupied property.

Be aware of anyone you do not recognise walking around, or of vehicles parked in strange places.  The Police would prefer to have a phone call so they can investigate.  Please do this immediately.

You can call the Police on 112, 199 or the Citizens Hotline 1460.

The Police should be your first port of call, but please also then advise Cathi on, and/or Val on so that we are aware and can liaise with the Police to see if any information can be circulated to residents.