Thursday, March 15, 2018


      From Cyprus Mail - article by Staff Reporter - 14 March 2018

      Hunting between March 1 and August 15 is forbidden and anyone caught doing so is liable for at        least €8,000 in fines, the game service warned on Wednesday.
      The period from earlier this month until mid-August is breeding season for almost all animals,            followed by the time they will feed their young.
      “For the game, a successful breeding period allows for a very good hunting season.”
      As such, anyone caught killing, catching, chasing or disturbing quarry in any way – including              with the use of limesticks – during this period faces an €8,000 fine which can increase depending        on the animal, the quantity and location.

      Police re Hunters - 26 306211
      Game Wardens - 99 445728
      Kamares - Panayiotis Kezoudi - 99 493436