Thursday, May 31, 2018

THE GENTLEMEN - Aphrodite Hills Resort Beer Garden - 31 August

Friday 31 August 8pm
Aphrodite Hills Resort Beer Garden

Free Entrance
Information: Tel: 26828000

Gentlemen are a dynamic group which moves around Blues Rock sounds and rhythm. Their main characteristics are vibrant sounds, dynamics, psychedelia, improvisations and of course love and passion for music. Covering songs from ZZ Top, Hendrix, Deep Purple and more, they add their own element, imagination and energy, guaranteeing they will not go unnoticed. Johnny Avraamides (vocals), Panos Larkou (guitar), Demitres Panayides (bass), Andreas Tapa (drums).

Directions: Just off the Paphos to Limassol highway near Kouklia. APHRODITE HILLS RESORT KOUKLIATel: 26828000.