Saturday, April 28, 2018

ALCESTIS by Euripides - Paphos Ancient Odeon/Curium - 28 & 30 July


ALCESTIS by Euripides

Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble participates at the Festival for the first time and presents one of Euripides’ most intriguing and enigmatic tragedies, Alcestis. With Apollo’s assistance, Admetus, King of Pherae, has secured an unusual privilege: when his time comes to die, he will be spared, provided he can find someone to take his place in the Underworld. But who loves Admetus enough to give up their life for him? In the end, no one volunteers to die on his behalf except for his young wife, Alcestis, who bids farewell to life and embarks on a journey to the Underworld. Everyone in the palace mourns the loss of their devoted queen, who only one hero can bring back to life, by taking on Death and besting him. Euripides’ oldest surviving play is characterized as a tragicomedy that rejects physical determinism and challenges deaths dominion, leaving many unanswered questions. * With English surtitles

The Amalgamation choir Directed by Paris Erotokritou Alcestis: Niovi Charalambous, Admetus: Andreas Papamichalopoulos Pheres: Spyros Stavrinides, Apollo/Servant: Andreas Koutsoftas Thanatos (Death)/Heracles: Yiannis Karaoulis Maidservant/Chorus leader: Myrsini Christodoulou Chorus leader: Savvas Menoikou, Chorus: The Amalgamation Choir

Saturday, July 28 Paphos Ancient Odeon
Monday, July 30 Curium Ancient Theatre

Performances start at 2100.   You are asked to be there by 2045.  In the case of Curium, please be at the theatre by 2015 at the latest to allow for parking/transportation by bus.

Tickets €10, €5 for students, senior citizens, national guards, unemployed.   Free entry to those with disabilities [proof may be required].

Tickets from:

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